Here you will find some of the best Animal Resin in the animal kingdom. Whether you are looking at zebra resin ornemants for the desk or for a Geometric resin Penguin to greet people on the table next to the door, we have them for you and the resin statue army is growing! Below we have picked out our five favourite from the resin collection.

The Parrot Stand x3 colours 

If you fancy a parrot to add some colour into the room then look no further! any of the individual parrots are an excellent choice to fulfil all of your  parrot needs; let the creative mind flow….

Geometrical Rhinoceros Statue

If you wish to grow the animal decor resin in your home, why not add one of the animal kingdoms biggest and best! The Geometrical Resin Rhino statues stands at a mighty 16.5cm and is a whopping 31.5cm long; a great resin statue to take a stand on a living room or hallway table.

Fox Resin Statue

It wouldn’t be much of a party without fantastic Mr Fox? An elegant statue which could slot into any room nicely and give it that extra little flavour of British feel.

Resin Hollow Animal Figurines Imitation Copper Creative Ornaments

In second place, we just had to put the amazing six different animal-styled resin ornaments. The Cow, Dog, Eagle, Eagle head, Tiger, and a Yak, would look incredible on the fireplace, side table or maybe even the work desk; go bold!

Elephant Resin Statues Twin-set

In first place, and after much discussion, we had to give it to the Elephant resin statue twin-set! With a total weight of 2KG, the quality is fantastic, it truly is one of the heavyweights of the Animal kingdom. The resin twin-set can come in four different colours: blue, black pink, and white. If you are unsure about the mighty elephant resin statue, we have over 30 5* reviews that may swing your trunk the right way.

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And breathe! That concludes the do you resin blog. We have left a number of amazing pieces out as we could only pick five so please feel free to check the rest of the Resin statues out here

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